NASA: XHab Development – Cal-Roli

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Cal-Roli : NASA

The project has several primary areas of focus that are tied together within a collaborative design workflow. These include a design process, which utilized a massive variety of virtual and physical means including CAD and BIM models, scripting and data analysis, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) simulations, robotic prototyping, as well as small scale, and full-scale physical models.

The design objective of this project is to examine strategies for commonality between an interplanetary vehicle (IPV) and a Mars surface habitat. The presented design proposals address this challenge to create a habitation system that has commonality in both habitats so crew members will be familiar with the layout, function, and location throughout the expedition. The design tools utilized center on the intersection of architectural layout design, mechanics and structural design using origami folding techniques and structural form-finding concepts to generate shell action rigidity. In addition, the project develops a strategy for mobility and transformation of the surface habitat prior to its transformed configuration. The value here lies in understand such lessons for both the design process as well as efficiency and optimization in design as a model for terrestrial design.






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