Space Base Solar Power

Space Base Solar Power 

The focus is to allow architecture students to make contributions to the conceptual design for habitation in space. Currently several private companies are realistically pursuing low-Earth orbit commercial space station projects that may come to fruition in the near future. The project will investigate and integrate current commercial space tourism proposals. The Project has Five Primary Considerations including: The actual trajectory issues (how to get building materials to space), Space Manufacturing (how to fabricate and assemble/construct in space) Human Factors (including ergonomics and programming), Safety (ranging from protection of debris and resource utilization) and Growth (including adaptability and expansion). Of the central issues explored in this studio, we will concentrate on Manufacturing. The premise of the approach is that rather than sending a constructed architecture to space, we send small robotic modules that are capable of reproducing through automated fabrication techniques. Such structures can respond in a humanlike way to counteract loads and reduce material, change shape to block sunlight, allow for active ventilation and insulation, and prevent their own degradation. When enough of the architecture has constructed itself with minimal human intervention – we send humans to inhabit it.

The designs will strongly consider real issues of designing in space including safety, gravity, air pressure etc. With this in mind issues of materials, connections and human interactions will be paramount. Interactive issues will be explored focusing on how the structure responds in an adaptable way to automate response to changing circumstances. Precedent in active sustainable terrestrial architecture will be examined. Students will explore and demonstrate hyper – efficient architectural design which includes human and environmental interactions, sociology and psychology. Students will work to produce complete designs including the detailed development and a construction/ fabrication concept. Students will develop designs that can demonstrate a mass balance of resources and waste required for accommodating human life in space.


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